Why One Should Not Fear the Word Hospice

Many people are afraid of the word Hospice because they associate it with death and are not ready for that, and don’t want to be. While it is natural that no one wants to die, there can be great benefit in this period. Basically most people are afraid because of not knowing how beneficial the Hospice period and care can be to them or their loved ones. When I see the phrase on records, “Do not use the word Hospice to patient” or “I don’t want him/her to know they are on Hospice” I feel so sad that they are missing or being hindered from the opportunity to truly use this time positively instead of negatively.

How many people go on a journey without preparing for it? Life is a journey, and no one with all their faculties go on a journey without preparation. End of life period on Hospice is a time we have control over to make preparations. Parents have control over preparation for the beginning of life. And, while we are alive, we have control over the end of life if we are fortunate enough to be on Hospice.

I say fortunate enough because, let’s consider the other scenario. It is to be taken from life suddenly by an accident or trauma. There may be no time or very little time if any to prepare for dying and leaving our loved ones without saying goodbye. Hospice gives you that time unless the referral is too late. By reading the book, “Hospice Hope” one gets a glimpse of how beneficial this period can be. What is Hospice Hope”? Hospice Hope is the positive, dynamic state experienced by those who were told, “There is nothing else we can do for you,” now with their pain and negative symptoms being controlled they can live & fulfill some dreams. This may come after being diagnosed with a terminal disease and undergone treatment with no cure of the disease. However, now they are able to find fulfillment, comfort and peace on Hospice. Moreover, there is a new door of support and education opened for families and their caregivers. They are not alone, in their fight to make their end peaceful and meaningful.

Please feel free to comment on this article and others like it that we produce. Go to themastersexpressions.org for more information and to order the e-book.

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