The grieving process is real and it begins, in some form, with the words, "There's nothing more we can do..." But there really is so much more that can be done! Author Vinnel Vincent opens a new door for patients and families on managing severe illness and living fulfilled lives. 

Hospice Hope

What is Hospice? Am I doing the right thing for my family? So many caregivers for my parent. Who do I call? Hospice Hope is a witty yet realistic look at the process of dying but also how knowledge can add value to the process of living!


Hospice Hope, Mrs. Vincent's best seller, gives a better understanding of Hospice services and also enlightens readers to the support and refocus Hospice offers to patients and their families.

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Comfort in Your Time of Loss


When the end has come, it helps to know that someone understands. Comfort in Loss not only speaks to loss after chronic illness, but the turmoil that can be experienced with loss of any kind (even divorce or pregnancy miscarriage). 


Comfort in Loss can also give friends and relatives just the right thing to say when you don't know what to say. Witnessing loss through your loved one's eyes can help reshape your perspective on how best to minister to their spiritual and emotional needs.

The Patient's Prayer Companion

When it feels like you're losing, everything hurts. It can be so difficult to find the right words to say to God even if you've been a devout Christian. The gulf can seem even wider if you're trying to access this Higher Power for the first time.

The Patient's Prayer Companion can help you connect your head and heart with the words on your lips. An easy read, the Prayer Companion is filled with short scriptures and encouraging words of prayer when you need them most.